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I took a step back...

This past year I took a step back from facilitating Ayurveda and mindful practice to return to work the sets of a few TV shows. Living on a film set is not the easiest of lifestyles and it strays very far from the elements that make up my healthy life when not on set. Everything from the amount of sleep to the amounts and kinds of food we eat. I did my best as we all do, something interesting happened though and I don’t think I realized it until I returned home to LA when the shows finished.

I was just living, my wellness was my own again. Taking a breather from the health and wellness bubble I was living and working in, allowed me to just live. I was able to see what came with me easily and what was a challenge to stick to on the road. For so long, I have been a passionate advocate for healthy lifestyles and practices that nourish balance and happiness. When I returned back to LA I just wanted to live that, just me and my passion for wellness. No job or career attached to it again, not just yet.

I wanted a love affair with the things I fell in love with years ago, all to myself. I wanted to get back to my routine. I wanted to meditate every morning, hike everyday, cook healthy food and go to bed early. I didn’t want to promote this life anymore, I wanted/want to live it.

I was out of sync with it after being gone so long, it was a much needed reemergence. It’s felt like coming home. I have been able to commit to goals that were mere daydreams for so long and every day they are becoming more real.

I still consider myself a teacher, facilitator or guide. I know my passion has a purpose. And lately it’s been really exciting to see how those abilities unfold in my own unique ways, as I continue this very important relationship with myself. I look forward to continuing sharing my lessons as I learn them. As always, thank you for reading.


Mallory James Glenn

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