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  • Writer's pictureMallory James Glenn

A Poem of Thanks and Promise

I am thankful for mother nature

Her rhythms and gift, the continuous

healing she provides to our home here on earth

and all of us on it.

I'm thankful for her unconditional love,

her unwavering patience and


I promise to lace each breath with intent.

I promise to give back what I receive

and with each healing breath she gives me,

I will breathe life back into this world.

I promise to stay open to the simple ways

in which we can learn from her

and I promise to mirror her forgiveness

with myself and others when we fail to follow her guidance.

I promise to sit with her,

feel her/ see her/ smell her/ taste her

and listen when she whispers in my ear

the secrets of where we came from.

I promise to spread her unconditional

love through my being here.

-Mallory James Glenn

Thanksgiving 2018

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