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The Girl Who Guides


My name is Mallory Glenn.

I write for myself and I share with others.

I speak for myself, to those who will listen.

I am the creator and go-to gal at Balance By You, the company through which I coach and facilitate lifestyle changes to promote emotional and physical health.


Photo credit: Kyle Cassie-  @kylecassiephotography 

Clothing: Electric & Rose


What to expect from me/my site:

The primary purpose of this space is to share my stories. I have spent many years keeping them all to myself and after much healing and salvation through the words of many other authors, I am allowing myself to share my own. Although I hope by sharing someone out there finds hope just as I have, I write because I love it. I write because it heals me. I write because for so many years I told myself I couldn't. I questioned who was I to write, I questioned my talent, I questioned my importance, I questioned whether anyone would care to read/listen. But not anymore... Now, I write.



My current writing is non-fictional stories from my own life experiences. I try to add humour and a conversational approach to all topics, even the tough ones. Because of my own experience with suicide, mental illness, abusive/toxic relationships and early childhood/family trauma, these are the topics I will typically cover. 


Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments and support. Never hesitate to share on social media or directly to someone who may enjoy and/or benefit.



The purpose of this site and anything shared is strictly based on personal experience and opinions. Do not use this site for your own diagnosis and/or treatment. 

Me, The Wheres  and What Nots

I’m a Canadian gal from Nova Scotia. I live in Los Angeles, CA

I have a big laugh.

I like to grow my own food, I'm a geek about it.

I like random adventure and doing things on a whim. 

I have strong morals and work hard every day to hold true to what I believe in while not taking it all too seriously.



I grew up in Nova Scotia, where my sis and I were raised by our 

incredible mom, who somehow tackled parenthood on her own after

the sudden death of my father.


I was born in 1984 and came into this world with lots of questions, passion for life and pushing the boundaries of challenge. 


Like all of us, I had many challenges and struggles.


And that brought me here...


I am an expert learner, listener, thinker, observer, life lover and best friend

I am a patient, old soul that has taken my love for deep thoughts and conversation and created a lifestyle that nourishes my desire to see the joys in every day and attract healthy life circumstances, environments and relationships.


I've learned to be open to abundance and practice loving each day and what it brings unconditionally.


The unconditional part...

That hasn’t/doesn't always come easy for me. I used to fight and push back against my circumstances, sometimes I still do. It's not that struggle and challenge as disappeared from my life, I just try to handle them differently now. Sometimes the handling it well happens more naturally, other times I spiral out of control and sometimes I hibernate to hide from it all. 


I’ve fought hard for things that weren’t going my way.

I’ve let things go I "should" have held onto.

Held onto things for longer than I should have.

I’ve been sad, angry, scared, confused and stuck.

Should have, should of, whatever...


I try to love each day unconditionally now by allowing it to be what it is. In my experience of meditation/yoga/Ayurveda, I’ve found a way to not always judge on good and bad and just accept what is, as is. Unconditionally.

I attempt to approach life with a grace and ease and that takes practice. 


I understand the importance of learning from our actions and choose differently when necessary. 


I'm allowing myself to be as big and great as I and we all are meant to be!


I've found purpose in sharing the teachings that have helped me find balance, happiness, health and gratitude and that's what  I'm here. 


My certifications:

Pyramid Yoga Centre, Thailand- 200hr Hatha, Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

The Chopra Centre, Carlsbad, CA- Perfect Health, Ayurveda Instructor



Mallory Glenn of Balance By You

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