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Welcome! Meet Mallory...

I was the kid who always “forgot” my gym clothes. I wasn’t athletic, I wished I was but not so much. It wasn’t until I found yoga that I felt strong and connected to my body. I didn’t even know I was missing any kind of mind/body connection (or the existence of such a thing) until I found it.


I realized yoga is for everyone, even non athletes like me. I’d like to state as early as possible that I still can’t do a headstand/handstand/anything other than feet stand just yet. And that’s not what Yoga is about.


When I first began yoga I was doing simple, asanas/poses and learning proper breathing. It wasn’t about the strength it took, the heat of the studio, the hot pants or booty shorts. 


I’m so grateful for my introduction into yoga by a great teacher in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Mandee Labelle). We haven’t all had that introduction and I think a lot of people now misunderstand yoga and have started “forgetting” their gym clothes because of it. (read blog for this article) 


When I found yoga and meditation I found the missing puzzle piece to my own health and happiness.

I am passionate about helping others piece together a lifestyle that makes them feel happy and whole and ultimately makes sense to them. Find their missing piece. The thing is life is actually kinda like a puzzle, we can put it all together but if we move, some of the pieces may fall away or become loose. And well whether we like it or not life is always moving and changing and so are we. So we learn to let go of the pieces that fall and put ourselves back to together with the pieces that fit. That’s flexibility, that’s yoga.


That became a conversation that I couldn’t keep to myself and 10 years later that blossomed and lead me into where and who I am now. 


My Trainings

I choose to receive my Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand at The Chakra Yoga Center from David Gaulet who was my first teacher’s teacher. Two years later I found myself beginning my trainings in Ayurveda through the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. I’m now a Certified Chopra Instructor in their Ayurvedic Perfect Health Program and am a Registered Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance International.


Why "Balance By You"?

I started Balance By You to teach the choices and options that are available for people to start building the healthy lifestyle they want, start enjoying that life and how to do it themselves. No one needs to be limited by other people, time or resources in order learn these foundational healthy habits and benefit from them for years to come. I truly believe the traditional teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda can be for everyone and can benefit every one, even in our modern day society. We don’t have to be limited to finding the means to make it to India, Thailand or Costa Rica for retreat.


What do I teach?

I teach Yoga, Meditation and Mind-Body practices that I use myself. Habits that maintain my own health and happiness. My own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I teach practices that have helped me not only create the life I want but more importantly how to enjoy it. 

I teach ways for happy, healthy lifestyles to be easy and accessible, inviting and welcoming for everyone (not just hippies, yogis and instagramers) It doesn’t have to be mainstream OR foreign.

Who do I teach?

We are all at different places and I work with students wherever they are whether that be in introduction to new lifestyle, conversation, yoga or mediation or a more seasoned yogi wanting to apply their practice to a more conscious, consistent ,everyday routine and lifestyle. Please see services page for complete guide to individual, group and corporate options.

Wrapping it up...

Balance By You helps you find your key pieces that will hold you together whether that be day to day life-work-family balance or so you’ve set a foundation so you know what you need to do when you feel like your whole puzzle is crumbling and you’re ready to shove it into a box. 


Life happens. I don’t meet my routine everyday but I try. And when I don’t, I forgive myself. I love myself anyway. And I teach that too.


xo Mal

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