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M A L L O R Y   J A M E S   G L E N N

Writer and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Facilitator

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"Although nobody can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can begin now and make a new ending." 

- Chico Xavier

You can call me, Mal

My name is Mallory Glenn.


I am a Mindfulness and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Facilitator 

I believe yoga and meditation bring peace of mind and ease to our lives with simple everyday routine.

This is the yoga that has worked for me.

This is the type of yoga I choose to teach.



I am a Writer

I write for myself and I share with others.

I speak for myself, to those who will listen.

I believe health and happiness and strive to inspire those in need that we all have the ability to achieve both.



I am the creator and go-to gal at

Balance By You, the company through which I coach and facilitate lifestyle changes to promote emotional and physical health.


Located- virtually/ Los Angeles/ Nova Scotia

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